Sales & Marketing Department

Marketing is a function that has come of age at ACFC and can be closely linked to the excellent performance of the Company over the years. We have deep understanding of our customers’ needs and the specific requirements of every sector or market segments that we operate in. We endeavor to understand both present and future needs of each of the customers in these segments. We make it our business to seek the opinions of our customers and other stakeholders to understand how various issues would impact on the business particularly our supply chain and our customers and suppliers business, essentially all these would impact on the manner in which ACFC position its goods and services.

We offer value in line with all our activities in the Company’s business plan. In our endeavor to fulfill the market demand for portable spirit of world class quality, ACFC made a decision to put up a modern technology distillery for the production of Extra Neutral Alcohol which is being launched today.
Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) is a superior grade Spirit (Ethanol), conforming to International Standards, for use by beverage industry especially for the up-market brands and particularly for manufacture of international brands under license.

In addition to manufacturing the high quality Extra Neutral Alcohol through environmentally friendly procedures, ACFC is customer focused with aim and objectives directed towards providing unique and unrivalled customer service. Our customer’s consignments are handled by well trained personnel who are there to make sure that customer’s consignment is handled safely and efficiently. We recognize that the customer always comes first.

ACFC is aware of the dynamism of businesses worldwide as we acquire new business models that are proactive to customers needs, easy and faster access to products and services and ever changing customers demand for premium products. It must therefore re-engineer all its processes for this future.

ACFC believes that the long term financial performance will depend on having the right social and environmental conditions for growth in its markets. Through product diversification into such areas like provision of cleaner and easy to use energy alternatives that will contribute to the basic family unit and environmentally friendly fuels and other products. This is the direction for the future.

The Marketing Department will continue to apply all the basic tools of marketing to increase the demand by identifying various wants nurturing them into needs, fulfilling the needs and growing the revenue base of the Company.

We appeal to our customers to try this excellent product. They will notice the difference.


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