Quality Assurance Department

Agro-Chemical and Food Company Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 certified firm.

The strategic decision to establish the Quality and Food Safety Management Systems was necessitated by the need to benchmark and continually improve the management processes thereby demonstrating the Company’s commitment to consistent production and supply of safe, quality products.

In the rapidly growing global economy, re-engineering of management processes to make them more efficient and cost effective is an important concept. Intelligent business entities are increasingly recognizing the fact that, quality cannot be pledged into a product or service; it has to be built into the product/service and that, it is a result of continual improvement of the organizational processes, which then works its way to the customers.

The establishment and effective implementation of the Quality Management System (QMS) and the Food Safety Management System (FSMS) based on the requirements of the internationally recognized ISO standards, is therefore imperative for any dynamic organization.

The ISO certification provides organizations with the opportunity to review, re-organize, control and re-invent themselves in order to sharpen their competitive edge. It also provides assurance to the consumers and other shareholders, that an organization is determined to make quality, part and parcel of its culture.

The certification of ACFC management system to the ISO standards has greatly assisted the Company to proactively organize and manage its technical, administrative and human processes, including the outsourced processes that affect quality of product & services to ensure they are effective. All these are done in order to achieve the company mission and corporate objectives.

The certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards and successful implementation of the QMS & FSMS, has significantly assisted the various business units within ACFC to build a balanced management infrastructure, whose ultimate benefits are enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced operating costs and increased transfer of knowledge within the organization.

The implementation of QMS & FSMS has benchmarked ACFC business practices with the international competition thus establishing the organization as a reliable business partner.


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