Engineering Department

The Engineering Department is one of the main concerns of the factory in the Works Division responsible for all maintenance operations at ACFC. It aims at providing optimum availability of plant, machinery and equipment and the allied process measuring, controlling and monitoring systems for the manufacture of products.

ACFC boasts of an outlay of specialized equipment and process control systems well cut out to match the needs of the latest technology in place to run its varied but specific manufacturing operations.

The department draws its life and strength from an array of well trained, experienced specialized and dedicated technical staff endowed with exposures and expertise to tap from, within the engineering discipline.

Our immediate challenge is to make sure that the installed E.N.A. plant running on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) and allied software systems is maintained at optimum levels to enhance and sustain production quality and volumes at all time high in order to boost sales and revenue.

To match our technology application with reasonable maintenance practice, we are in the process of centralizing and computerizing our preventive and predictive maintenance operations to facilitate and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our maintenance programs so that the short and long term plans and activities can be easily retrievable and documented.


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