Sifa Fresh Wet Yeast

Agro-Chemical and Food Company Limited’s compressed yeast is available in 10Kgs cartons. Each carton has a polythene liner that contains the compressed yeast of 10Kg net product weight. Under normal refrigeration the product has a shelf life of two weeks. More product details are provided in the technical data sheet below.

More about compressed yeast

Compressed yeast often referred to as “wet yeast” or “fresh yeast” is the traditional baker’s yeast product. At the end of the yeast fermentation, the yeast broth is washed repeatedly with cold water to remove any residual fermentation additives. The yeast cells are then concentrated to form a light tan, semi-viscous liquid called cream. Cream yeast contains approximately 18% yeast solids. The cream is further dewatered by passing it through a rotary vacuum filter to form a semi-solid cake that contains approximately 30% yeast solids. This cake is typically crumbled directly into a 10Kg polythene liner with an outer carton and sold as crumbled compressed yeast.

Crumbled yeast may be added directly to the mixer on top of dry ingredients or slurred in water with other ingredients to form a preferment. Compressed yeast has excellent leavening properties in all types of dough systems and, since it is perishable, should be stored under refrigeration at all times prior use.

The 10Kg carton of the wet yeast should not be left out of the cooler for an extended period of time once opened. Partially empty cartons should have their polythene liners rolled down tightly to the level of the remaining yeast to minimize exposure to oxygen and returned to the cooler. When properly handled, the shelf life of the wet yeast is about two weeks.


Furaha Active Dry Yeast

Furaha Active Dry Yeast is a household name in bread baking industry in Kenya. This traditional baking technology has maintained its presence in the baking industry despite late entrant break leaveners. The success of Furaha has been achieved by painstaking research strict quality control and unequalled standardization. This rewarded the efforts by making a unique bread leavening and flavouring potential, not achievable by other forms of baking.

The present natural aroma of Furaha has also lately lent a lot of appeal to the brewing industry especially the opaque beer and other improved forms of traditional beers.

It is available in 20kg packing with a shelf life of 3 months at ambient temperatures and upto 6 months if it is kept refrigerated.

More about Active Dry Yeast

Active dry yeast begins as Fresh wet yeast but the yeast cake undergoes further processing. The cake passes through a granulator then to a fluid bed drying system. Here the moisture content is further reduced from around 70% to around 8% maximum.

This active dry yeast targets small bakers and home bakers. It is also ideal for areas where the climate is hot or lack refrigerated facilities that make it difficult to distribute fresh wet yeast satisfactorily.

Compared to fresh wet yeast, doughs made with active dry yeast are slacker and more extensible and more relaxed. This slackening effect is beneficial for doughs made from very strong flours, for pizza doughs, bun doughs and some sweet doughs where a well relaxed dough is desired. This slackening effect is also desirable in the brewing industry especially the opaque beer and other improved forms of traditional beers.

For use in baking, active dry yeast is generally re-hydrated in lukewarm water 30 – 40°C (1:4 yeast:water) before addition to the mixer. A re-hydration period of 5 minutes is adequate to obtain good dispersion and re-hydration.


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