Finance Department

Our vision as a department is to uphold transparency, integrity and accountability in the use of the Company’s resources.

We ensure the Company’s profits is maximized through cost control, prudent investment of surplus funds and sound financial management.

The official inauguration of the ENA plant is a milestone to our operations. This will lead to enhanced revenues and profitability, improved liquidity position, hence prompt payments to suppliers and lower cost of production due to use of modern state-of-art plant.

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) For Sustainable Business

The role of ICT has been redefined as a fundamental enabler in creating and maintaining a flexible business network of inter-organizational arrangements.

The business enterprises have to undertake major transformations in order to meet the challenges in the market. Traditionally, in-house developed customized management information systems (MIS) have been used to enhance business networking and now enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, supply chain management systems, customer relationship management systems (CRM) and e-Business portals are being used to establish business networking systems.

ACFC is one of the few State corporations that have deployed an ERP system to manage the whole spectrum of information management. This is an integrated transaction oriented information systems with the seamless flow of data and work flow among the various business functions in the enterprise resulting into improved administrative and operational efficiency in the organization.

ACFC has in place a robust local area network(LAN) with over 100 client computers interlinked both within the factory and administration units. Besides this, all the clients have internet/email access via a broadband internet link for ease of information access and communication.

The management recognizes that the IT skills among the workforce must be continuously improved in order to increase the impact of technology in productivity improvement. Much of our plant machinery is controlled and monitored through a modern digital control system. This system interfaces key production machines and transfer the trend data contained within process lines to the core software to allow management analyze the data and control better production processes.

ACFC shall continue to embrace ICT for the benefit of all its stakeholders particularly in the areas of decision making, cost control, communication and productivity improvement.


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