Production Department

The new ENA plant was designed and installed by Praj Industries Limited, India in collaboration with M/s H. Young & Co. (EA) Limited with effect from September, 2008 and commissioned in December 2009.

The objective is to produce high quality Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) to satisfy the market demand for manufacture of beverage spirit and pharmaceutical formulations. The ENA produced by this plant meets the national and international quality standards.

Way Forward

The plant is operating well since it was commissioned and ACFC expects to attract international demand for its ENA product due to its high quality.

We are also intending to improve on the biogas generation to supplement the plant’s energy needs and improve on energy usage in the plant so that we can have cost effective production which may lead to enhanced affordability of the ENA to most of our customers.

Our aim is to satisfy our customer’s demands and requirements by ensuring that we meet their need through continual improvements of quality of our products and service to our customers.

Green Energy

The increasing demand for energy globally has triggered the necessity to explore production of energy from renewable sources. This category of energy also called bio-fuels is produced from materials that are replenishable or reproducable organic matter.

ACFC is keen on reviving fuel ethanol production as a means to lessening our country’s burden on using our scarce foreign exchange to import petroleum.

Currently we are generating biogas from our factory effluent and the biogas is used to fire our boilers to generate steam for the factory thermal energy requirements. This saves on the fuel oil needed to fire the boilers at the same time serves to treat the effluent to reduce organic pollution.


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