Company Profile

Agro-Chemical and Food Company Limited (ACFC) was established in 1978 under the Companies Act Cap 486 to produce power alcohol from sugarcane molasses.

It was a unique joint venture between the private sector and the Government of Kenya.
The Power Alcohol was to be blended with petrol to make gasohol as a national strategy for reducing foreign exchange used to purchase petroleum oil.

The project was identified by Mr. M.N. Mehta, Chairman, Mehta International Group. This programme could not be sustained because there was no policy and legal framework to regulate the use of Power Alcohol. In addition, there was resistance from the multi-national petroleum companies who feared a reduction in their market share and therefore, in 1982 the company shifted to producing various grades of spirits and yeast.

The company produces its products from raw molasses procured from various sugar factories. The total Cane molasses requirement is approximately 85,000 tons per annum.
The Company’s major products are various grades of Spirits and Yeast based brands categorized into 6 broad categories namely Bulk Spirit Range, Compounded Spirits Range, Compounded Denatured Spirit Range, Baker’s Yeast Range, Carbon dioxide Range and Animal feeds Range.

Company products and Capacity utilization

The Company’s major products are, Alcohol, Active Dry Yeast (ADY) and Wet Yeast (WY). The installed capacity of the alcohol plant is eighteen (18) million litres of alcohol per year.

The ADY plant has achieved its installed capacity of 1200 tons and requires immediate expansion due to rising demand. Wet yeast, on the other hand has a good potential of acceptance in the bakery segment market.

The new Extra Neutral Alcohol Plant has rejuvenated ACFCs’ market presence. The Company intends to diversify into other new products as a strategy to remain sustainable.

Our Vision

The preferred producer and supplier of spirits, yeast and related products.

Our Motto

Quality at its best

Our Mission

Production of world class quality products through a cost effective, innovative and environmentally friendly technologies.

Core Values

We are committed to:
• Customer focus
• Teamwork
• Efficiency
• Professionalism
• Integrity
• Innovation

ACFC is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

ACFC adheres to the most stringent quality management systems to make superior quality products that meet and surpass customer requirements